Centuries of structural conditioning have led to an imbalance. They have caused us to deny, forget and even lose essential qualities of ourselves and our humanity. It’s time to rediscover them.

Illumi.Nation is a movement of individuals taking actions to co-create a more balanced and prosperous society for us all to thrive in. Every single person on this planet has the ability to change the world through simple, collective ownership of actions. That time is now!

As Illuminators, you are part of a vibrant community of individuals who want to be part of creating a more equal and fair society, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Join our community and be inspired, use your voice to impact positive change and shine your light on those who need it most.

Celebrate International Women’s Day with Illumi.Nation

Human Balance

Monday 8 March @2pm GMT / 4pm SAST

Scottish Business Network and Africa Scotland Business Network have joined forces once again to welcome you into a powerful virtual event this International Women’s Day – introducing Illumi.Nation

As two international business networks with gender balanced teams at our reigns, we want to explore with you, our interactive audience, the topic of ‘human balance’ and why now is the time to brighten what’s ahead, starting with ourselves.


Jerry Botha

Managing Partner of Tax Consulting South Africa

Jerry Botha, Managing Partner at Tax Consulting, has had an incredible journey in the tax fraternity.

Christine Esson

Co-founder of Scottish Business Network

Christine Esson is a practically focused economic development specialist with significant expertise gained from working in global public & private sec

Stewart Kyasimire


Stewart has forged a new career path in the film industry highlighting the largely untold stories of prominent Black and mixed-race people.

Nicola Probyn

IllumiNation co-founder

Co-founder of IllumiNation, Firecracker Events & Marketing and Africa Scotland Business Network.

Moderator: Sylvia Baldock

Become More Significant Founder

Sylvia empowers Business Leaders, teams and Entrepreneurs to recognise the unique value they bring to the workplace and to lead with confidence and pu

    Fiona McKinnon

    CEO & Co-founder of Moment Company

    Fiona McKinnon is the CEO & Co-founder of Moment Company. After 20 years of living, working and traveling around the world as an executive in the AdT


      Illumi.Nation wants YOU to be part of the dialogue.

      This is about collective ownership. Not a ‘how to’ info session. No death by PowerPoint, awkward networking or formal seating.

      We’ll even commence with a 5 min group meditation to get those positive and inspired vibes going!

      Although women are currently the most active participants in this conversation, Illumi.Nation welcomes men with open arms and will always have male representation in our topic of discussion. This is about restoring balance after all…

      Illumi.Nation is future focussed. We’re providing the exciting space for solutions and collaboration to inspire actionable results.

      We’ll even document the key outcomes of each event and share it with the world.

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        Nicola Probyn

        I’m Nicola and I’m the co-founder of Illumination. My background is in marketing and brand development, but like every other human being on the planet I have a story to share about how societal conditioning has affected how I ‘show up’ in the world. 

        As a mother of two incredible, sparkly children I would love them to grow up in a world where their uniqueness is embraced and celebrated, that they are recognised as being whole just the way they are and that their environment allows them to discover who they truly are. Why put limitations on them because of an antiquated view on how men and women should behave or what their roles should be?

        Claire Alexander

        Hi, I’m Claire, a 36 year old Scottish lass and the co-founder of Illumi.Nation. I’m a mother, daughter, sister, wife, friend and business partner but not necessarily in that order. I’m also ‘one of the boys’. Many of my friends are male and I’m very in touch with my masculinity, or, rather, what society tells me is ‘masculine’ – excelling in sport, competitive, muscular, mentally tough, educated in business, business owner, rebellious.

        I started to struggle with my identity in my early 20s. When societal constructs are declaring women need perfect eyebrows to fit in, my happiness is fitting on new boxing gloves, and wearing sports wear to work. Confusion set in.

        I moved to South Africa when I was 23. In this time, I co-founded and built a successful event management and marketing company, Firecracker, from scratch, with Nicola. We also co-founded the Africa Scotland Business Network. I’m an award winning events manager, with a focus on sensory event design. My passion is designing spaces and experiences which incite positive attitudinal and behavioural preferences. This might come in handy for Illumi.Nation!

        South Africa is where I unleashed my authentic self again. It might be a coincidence but learning to live as my true self, is when everything started going right. Illumin.Nation has been designed to allow people to discover and bring their real selves to the table through open dialogue, and most important, to be heard. This is how we see real societal solutions shining through.


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